Listy+ for Android, item detail revamp, pinned items and mixed lists


In this update, we’ve added features for both Listy+ and free users while also revamping some parts of the app:

  • The item detail has been redesigned to accommodate new features, giving it a refreshed yet familiar look.

  • We’ve introduced pinned items, allowing you to feature specific items in your lists for easier progress tracking.

  • Additionally, mixed lists now let you combine different item types, perfect for TV shows, movies, podcasts, and links.


We have finally added Listy+ for Android users with several new features:

  • Notes: Attach information to your items and keep track of the tiny details.
  • Locks: Use locks to safeguard your content with an extra layer of security.
  • Custom Icons: Make your lists truly yours by setting a custom icon of your choice.
  • Filters: Help you display just the items you need in your lists.

We launched with three different payment options: monthly subscription, annual subscription, and lifetime purchase.