How to export tasks from Things

Follow this step by step guides to export all your to-do from Things and import them on Listy.

Exporting your data from Things 3 involves several methods, depending on your device and technical familiarity:

Export Things 3 database

  • For Mac: Access the SQLite database file containing all information about your to-dos. The file is located at ~/Library/Group Containers/ Copy the Things Database.thingsdatabase bundle to your desired location. Use CTRL + click and select ‘Show Package Contents’ to access the main.sqlite file​​.
  • For iPad & iPhone:
    1. Open Things 3, go to Settings
    2. Navigate to General → Diagnostics → Enter Code
    3. Enter code 491348 and tap ‘Send Things Database’.
    4. Save the resulting Things Database.aar file to iCloud Drive or AirDrop it to a Mac. On iOS 13 or older, the file is named Things.sqlite3​​.

Printing to PDF (Mac Only):

  1. Open Things 3, click File → Print, set Scope to ‘Entire List’ and Notes to ‘Full’, then print.
  2. Save the printout as a PDF file.

This method is best for those seeking a non-technical solution and only requires printing each list separately to ensure complete data coverage​​.

Using Apple Shortcuts:

If you’re familiar with Apple Shortcuts, you can use actions to export data from Things. However, you’ll need to write your own shortcut as Things does not provide one​​.

Accessing Data through AppleScript (Mac Only):

For users comfortable with AppleScript, you can write a script to access your Things 3 data on a Mac​​. Each method caters to different user preferences and technical abilities, ensuring you can export your data in a way that suits your needs.

Import on Listy

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