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Why are people switching from Sofa to Listy?

Go the extra mile with Listy+

  • Folders for more organization

    Organize better and have a cleaner experience when dealing with lots of lists. Split your work/personal life with folders.

  • Remember the extra details with Notes

    Attach additional information for your content with notes so you can easily remember all the extra details.

  • Make it yours with custom icons

    Bring clarity and customization with different icons for your lists.

  • Extra security with locked lists

    Protect your lists with an extra layer of security with biometric authentication for your more private content.

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The stories behind thousands making the switch

  • “Being able to organize the media I want to consume in one place is great, and the integration to various databases is awesome.”

  • “Not one to write reviews but I’m really pleased with this find. I have only used the free version and use it to log movies I want to watch.”

  • “Before Listy I had a bunch of lists in Apple Notes for things like favorite books, movies, shows. Listy is the perfect replacement.”

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